Fever Memories


One of my most vivid childhood memories is of having a fever. I have already spoken about it somewhere in the site, but what is interesting is that when i recently visited my mother she started talking about it.

To my surprise, it was something that at the teim she was very concerned about and thought that I was doing drugs or was going mad. She described to me how I used to get the sensation of strings between my fingers pulling at them and had to put me in a cold shower to stop me feeling these things.

I was used to the story and the description of the symptoms of a fever, I can also remember the feeling that I had in my hands. Then my mother shocked me in a way that I cannot really describe. It's the sort of thing you are likely to see in a psycological film, but this wasn't a film. She started to recall something else that happend at the same time, something horrible and disturbing, and something of which I have no memory.

She told me that she remembers that when I got the finger sensation, I also started to hallucinate and see things. I was intriegued to this point and pushed her to tell me more. I was then given an explanation from her point of view that sent shivers up and down my spine, my mother told me that I used to see "things" in the house. Creepy things that would climb the walls and were trying to get me. I would scream and cry and try to hide from these invisible entities.

I'm guessing that the cold shower and her comforting me would cure me of these hallucinations, but I find myself racking my brain to get some sort of memory of it, I would have been of the age 11-14 so I should be able to remember something of this ordeal which apparently happened along with stuff I do remember. It happened a good number of times and really worried my parents, but nothing is there. why can't i remember this and what the hell was it?


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