Final Breath


When the end comes it will be swift and unexpected. No forewarning or hearald of death will be sent. It will come in a flash and then all too soon everything will be over. There may be a time for regret before your end but there will be no fogiveness. Death is hard, death moves quicker than the eye, quicker than light, no forgiveness or mercy. You may cheat yourself until your final breath that it will not happen, that you will be rescued from this fate, but you will not.

You do have a chance of putting off this fate for a time. You have the ability to watch, and listen, to sense what others do not. If you are aware of your surroundings you have the oportunity to catch things that others will drop. you can prepare when no one else senses danger. You can run when others will stare dumbfounded, stand when others flee. Do not follow the masses, do not take security in numbers.

Do not share in the confidence of the stupid, do not let yourself be persueded from your instincts. If you are percieved as foolish or weak, so be it, there is no honour in being the first slain. If you do this you stand a chance of surviving longer than most, and that is all you can hope for.


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