Is it possible that there could be some truth behind Horoscopes and Astrology in general... 

I have always dismissed them as pointless waste of housewive's time, but I have always held the view that there are only a certain number of people types in the world.

Given all of the places I have lived, I have found that I keep meeting the same people. Not the same in name or in upbringing, but the same in person type; Peter Roxborough is Andrew Michie, Christian Mayo is Daniel Thomas, to name but two similar people. I feel there are only about 10 - 14 people types, so it is natural to see the connection with horoscopes. 


Now I'm not saying that all that Russell Grant Astrosexual bullshit is for real, i mean look at him, he's a gay William Shatner!

To look at the core of the horoscope idea however and maybe add to it the idea that your name affects the person you are, spice it with a little of the environment you were brought up in, maybe there's something to it...


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