Inorganic Objects

I have spotted another link between the philosophy of Carlos Castaneda and the matrix. His inorganic objects/scouts that we humans can't help but be lead by, and get caught by, are equivelant to the Agents in the Matrix.

The inorganic reference is the same as the difference between the computers which run the Matrix and their prey; the humans. I had pondered the question before about is my Matrix policed, well it seems it is. The way in which the agents become people to interact with Neo is also what is going on in this world according to Carlos.

The inorganic objects take control of a person and dictate that persons actions to further their agenda and to suck in other people. Carlos talks of the inorganic objects being a matter of life and death just like the agents are, although I have not experienced this, I have seen the persuasive powers of inorganic objects recently.

I have just been through what felt like a test of my detatchment...



At work, for the last two weeks I have been spiralling out of control to a point of utter selfishness. I have been "brown stamp collecting" and have been very angry and depressed at the state of things. Charlie is quitting under nasty circumstances following a downward spiral of his own and it looks as if his decent might have been caused by one of Carlos's inorganic objects taking control of him and making him agent Charlie. Its mission was to take him down, and others with it.

On my way down I was getting funny about putting in extra effort unless I got somethig in return. As best as I could, I tried to justify my feelings and position as being detached and selfless. But they really weren't.


I had two real problems with my situation; I was feeling un-important and greedy.

I realised this when one of the bosses had a chat with me and I was able to detach myself from the feelings I had. Was this casued by an inorganic being attached to charlie maybe? It was a weird moment, because I had been thinking of the reasons why I wasn't going to do extra work for a long time, and knew them well. I felt that they were justifyable and realistic, but when it came to the moment of speaking them to my boss, I suddenly realised the futility of them.

I went ahead but i had no real feeling anymore that they were valid arguments and kind of gave up on them.

I pulled through with positive results from the chat, and a brighter outlook for the future. I now feel fine again, without any worry or doubt, and with some intent on my path of life. I will show these boys how it is done properly.



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