Kill your God,

Kill your TV

Why is it nobody on your TV watches TV?

With the exception of Beavis and Buthead, and the Royale Family, people are always doing things in TV shows, they never sit for hours watching the gogglebox like us real people. Why?

There seems to be a subtle hypnosis that is letting us think that what we watch is real life and of course its not. I believe that this hypnosis is controlling us and letting us think that we are living a full life instead of just staring at a flashing box in the semi-dark.

We discuss what happend on tv last night like it was us that was doing interesting things, we think that our lives are full and interesting, but they fucking aren't!

We are kept prisoner in our homes watching tv, and adverts (by contract), and we are not out doing things, so we are not spending our cash. So we watch the programmes and the advertisements and then we go out to spend our money on the things we have seen on TV, the things that they want us to spend our money on.

The contract issue that I mentioned is about the way programs are paid for by adverts, and it is apparently our legal responsibility to watch them. If we don't, we are braking the contract, and in the eyes of the law; stealing the TV shows! If you don't believe me, go look it up for yourself.


This is madness, turn it off permanently, smash the bastard, throw it out of the god damn window.


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