Let's Rock!


No one in this world seems to realise that we have all we need, and have always had what we have needed.

We will always have all that we need around us. Endless searching through science to find the meaning of life is a wasted effort. Continual theorising as to the nature of the universe is pointless. It doesn't matter how big our universe is or what atoms are made of, The big and the small of it should be of no interesst to mankind, what we should be concentrating our efforts on understanding who we are, how we are caught in a hypnosis that we created, how we can get out of it and how knowledge exists out there, not in our heads and in our language.

The more we look for, the more we will find, so stop looking outward and look within. I think Bill and Ted said it best:

The best place to be is here, The best time to be is now, and alls we can say is, let's rock!


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