Everything I write here is meaningless.

Everything I write is just a pointer.

Everything is merely a clue to something that cannot be written about.


Things can be known but not communicated, you must find out for yourself and understand what others do not. Language is bollocks, knowledge is absolute.

You may think that you can abstract it, you may think you are a great communicator and if only you could find the knowledge then you can write about it Ha!

I am told this, but I think like you. I still believe that I can summarise and write a synopsis. I still think that talking about things is going to help, but i'm an idiot.

Talking just makes things worse.

The experiences i've had cannot be talked about, I have tried my best to explain them and talk about them and arrive at a conclusion, but I do not do them justice.


Some things are so much more than words.





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