The Opt-Out Generation


I am a proud member of the opt-out generation, like many of my peers I recognise that everyone is equal regardless of sex, age, wealth, status, or fame.

I do not subscribe to any major religion or any any political movement. I do not vote. The government of today is so out of touch with my goals in life, I hate the things they do and stand for, regardless of which party may be in power, they are all as bad as each other.

I have a healthy work ethic that means my home life and my loved ones are far more important than someone elses business. I do my best to get through the day doing as little as possible. Doing what they do, not what they tell me they do.

My salary is cut by a third for tax, but I do not care what is done with that money, if I can't have it, it is none of my business how it is spent. Another third is raped from me in rent and bills, living is expensive when capitalist arseholes run businesses into the ground. If I could give up my job and not work Iwould do it without hesitation. I am not an extreme opt-outer as you may see but I respect all of my peers who do not work at all pursuing rather a travelling life, or an artistic existence. I have no debts and am not tied to a loan or a mortgage despite wolverine companies baying at my door. Money is pure folly.

I am a learned, well mannered, but not "educated" person, prefering to find out for myself than be taught and repeat the dogma of stupid people. I am generous rather than selfish and have an open questioning mind like my kin.

I see the world around me as pathetic and oppressive with everyone trying to stamp on everybody else, the worst place I see this happening is in personal relationships. I do not believe marriage today is anything more than another way to generate cash. I value the control of the self over the control of others.

I am part of the solution and I am not alone, change must come to our world, it must be swift and decisive, the old bastards have had their world and their fun for too long.

I am part of the solution and I am not alone.


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