I am the one who chose my path,
I am the one who couldn't last,
I feel the life pulled from me,
I feel the anger changing me

Betrayed, I feel so enslaved
I really Tried, I did my time

Korn, Did My Time


I am confused between two seemingly opposing philosohpies of how to deal with lifes issues presented by Carlos Castaneda; through Don Juan.

The first is to struggle like a warrior in everything I do, treat each battle as it is my last and to not look for the end of the fight because it is the struggling that is important.

The second is to only follow paths in ones life with a heart, if the path you are on has no heart, get off it.

My problem at the moment is that my work life sucks and I have had enough of it, but I am struggling and fighting, so I should stick with it. However having learnt about paths with hearts, I find that the path I am on has no heart.

So my dilemma is this, if I am engaged in a fight on a path without a heart, am I doing myself an injury by sticking with it. Should I get off the path even though I am fighting a good fight?

I am thinking that maybe my path has come to an end, I don't know how to tell. If this is the case I don't think I need to fight any more and I need to start a new path, one with a heart. being totally honest, I am not fighting like i was a little while ago, i've kind of given up, perhaps I've done my time!

Looking at this from a different perspective; Perhaps the two ideas are not opposing, but complementary. A fight is as good as a path with heart. so perhaps a fight on a path with a heart is a double whammy! but either of the other choices are good also.



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