one perfect person

I could never understand why people would claim there is one perfect person for them, and they were still hunting for them.

It has always struck me as strange that one can find someone special in ones locale and being a fussy person i thought i would have to meet a movie star or someone famous to find my perfect person, but in my experience there are only 16 people types (Keirsey temperament and character types) and people are falling over their perfect person all the time without realizing it.


This is why so many people in a small area can end up together, and why movie stars, musicians, sports stars end up seeing eachother as opposed to ordinary folk, it's not that they are "up themselves", desperate, or easily satisfied, it's just that their parameters for the perfect match are found easily in the circles that they move within. Ordinary people can fall in love with movies stars, rich people can fall for the poor, its all a matter of personality and it's a little disturbing to think that as unique and diverse as our culture is, it repeats over and over, different faces, same personalities.

Just think, next time you find yourself in a club of say a thousand people, 62.5 of them really want you!

Of course, an extra variable comes into play where a person finds their ideal match, but their ideal match is looking for a different personality type, hmm i think the chances of finding a perfect match have gone up.


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