Pyrimids of The Mind


What is the significance of pyramids in this life? I awoke this morning with pyramids on my mind. My realisation is that pryamids are a puzzle, and not just one of the ancient world, because they are everywhere in modern life.

The ancient egyptions seem the logical place to start, but equally the south American Incas, or Aztecs would do. They all built pyramids, i'm sure everyone has seen the sight of the great pyramids at Giza, it is very familiar to us now, as is the stories of pharoes and slaves. The Egyptions had a monarchy and the pyramids reflect that heirachy in their sociecty, but there is more. I do not think that anyone knows exactly why polygonal bases and triangular faces that meet at a common point were built. Nobody knows the significance of this structure and why it is repeated across the world in every civilisation that ever existed!

A pyramid is a pattern, it is a model for how to build things in life. It shows how to organise and sort items so that they fall into their natural place. I don't think the egyptions knew this, but their nature as human beings drove them to organise in this way. Today we also organise in this way and while our pyramids are not made of stone, they still exist in company structures and government, they show us that a solid base can be built upon progressively to arrive at a a thesis, they are a model for buying and selling across our world. It's true that we may not be using all three dimesions of the pryamid now, but they are still there, waiting to be discovered.

So I come to the point of this topic, Pyramids are a model for organising, and the most important model they represent is of an efficient mind. Too many people are wondering around with unstructured minds. They are lost and unhappy, they are at the mercy of no structure to their minds. It came as a revelation to me when I was talking with my girlfriend about how she thinks and how it differs from my way, that there is no male/female split in how people think. Rather it is organised and disorganised, our minds it appears want to be pryamids as that is their optimum shape. A monarchy in our heads, one ruler and many subjects. The evidence is all around us in all that we do, but i'm not aware of anyone bridging this gap.

Like the egyptians expressing themselves through a pryamid of rock, like the monarchies of England and Europe, and like our modern bussinses showing us that their should be only one person at the top and that commities and boards do not work, we are expressing something from within that we acknowledge but do not recognise. It's really not much of a leap of faith to see that it is our minds trying to show us how they want to be.

One of the very earliest things I wrote on this site was that to sort out your mind, was to sort out the world. Perhaps I am finally reaching the point where I can sort mine out.





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