I think I have just seen...

For the first time I feel that I actually recognised the act of seeing.

And guess what, it's not something new, I've always been able to do it!

I have just never been able to understand it before, Wow!

What was it like? Well it was like a day dream, but it was a directed day dream.

I was shown some information that I knew to be true when it was shown to me. It wasn't about anyone that I was around, and I didn't see anyone around me glowing, but that feeling, woah!

No voices, but words in my head, speaking is not acurate enough an analogy to use, more like reading a passage of text. Except it's not me doing the reading!

The buzzing in my head, the clarity of thought, the clarity of vision afterwards, the absolute knowing, this was pretty special.

But now i'm doubting myself, was that really it?

It's not what I thought it would be, and i've done it before, i'm familiar with the sensation like I was when I smoked Salvia. My eyes feel bright and aware.


I realise now that a lot of my website actually comes from seeing.

I didn't understand what it was before now and I labeled it clarity of thought, insight, or the word of god.

I have been seeing for some time and I didn't know!

These truths have not been dragged from my brain as result of a logical and rational process. they have come from an untapped source of knowledge that lies elsewhere, and I cannot lay claim to anything i have written.


When seers see , something explains everything as the new alignment takes place. It's a voice that tells them in their ear what's what.

Carlos Castaneda,
the fire from within.



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