Sex & Sobriety


For a while now I have had the notion that in order to maintain a level head, rather than abstaning from sex people should have much more of it.

I'm now at the point where I understand that what I say is true, and moreover, it is the way to knowldege and understanding. If people do not have enough sex then they get all cranky, cloudy minded, selfish, and stupid. The christian church has always said that sex is bad and wrong and should be abstained from. To this end thousands of monks over the centuries have gone celebate in order to find god, did they?

Today the idea is still present in our culture, sex is illicit, evil, and is for a lower order of human being, but they are wrong. What could be worse than tipping a system that is designed to be balanced. What could be worse than taking a natural organism and restraining its normal cycles at a mental level and preventing it from releasing needed chemicals. It can only bring chaos, imbalance, and urges that will manifest themselves in untold and unforseen ways.

Unatural restraint is wrong, it makes no sense and has no benefits for an animal designed to live by cycles and to do just the opposite of sexual restraint. Balance is found in going with the flow, it is found in living by design and not by the rules of a contradictory society, balance like nature does not entertain the idea of imposing unatural limits. You'll never find a tree moving its roots to avoid a road.

So I say to you, have as much sex as possible, when ever you can and where ever you are, if you can't find somebody to have sex with; masturbate, but do it when you feel like it and do not listen to the will of society.

This is the way to knowldege, this is the way to freedom. Anything else will do you harm.

It is on this point that I have to take issue Carlos, he writes:

Sexual energy is something of ultimate importance and it has to be controlled and used with great care. Don't resent or applaud what I say, thinking that I am speaking of control in terms of morality; I mean it in terms of saving and rechanneling energy. I recommend, therefore, that one control oneself and understand the Indescribable Force 's command that sex is for bestowing the glow of awareness. It is the Indescribable Force 's command that sexual energy be used for creating life. Through sexual energy, the Indescribable Force bestows awareness. So when sentient beings are engaged in sexual intercourse, the emanations inside their cocoons do their best to bestow awareness to the new sentient being they are creating.

During the sexual act, the emanations encased inside the cocoon of both partners undergo a profound agitation, the culminating point of which is a merging, a fusing of two pieces of the glow of awareness, one from each partner, that separate from their cocoons.

Sexual intercourse is always a bestowal of awareness even though the bestowal may not be consolidated. Warriors know that the only real energy we possess is a life-bestowing sexual energy. This knowledge makes them permanently conscious of their responsibility. If warriors want to have enough energy to see , they must become misers with their sexual energy.


I have seen that this is completely untrue, A body full of sexual engery is no good for seeing. It is so busy wanting pleasure and release that it is incapable of the attention needed to see. Only a body without desire can begin to assess the world, to get to this point one must rid the body of sexual energy however it can. Maybe monks are monks because they have low libido to begin with, but as for the rest of us it ain't gonna happen.

I can not imagine how Carlos made this mistake. Maybe he was constrained by a conservative upbringing or religious pressure. Having said that I believe Carlos consistently failed to understand what he was taught by his benefactor and as a result he died early and unneccessarily.

In the above passage there is sufficient vagueness to see that maybe Carlos missunderstood this point about sexual energy and wrte what he thought he knew rather than what he was taught.


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