Keep It Simple



Despite all that goes on around me, complacency is my enemy right now, it is the foe that i need to vanquish.

I do not need to focus on the problems of my business or the personal problems of others, they are not of my concern. I need to focus on my universe, on my 200m sphere of consciousness. It is here that I create a battlefield, it is here that I face myself and others. It is here I must come to terms with my situation, in my universe.

So what have i got? I have anger, I have to get angry at myself, angry at the way I am so lazy, laziness is not a solution to any of my problems, intsead it will only compound them and make things in my universe reflect that situation. The issues of the "real" world are of no import. They are for the others to worry about. I must be impeccable in myself and stand up to my fears and failings, I must not harbour these feelings and justify them before anyone. They will mean nothing to anyone else, they have their own issues.

Do not share your issues with anyone, just deal with them swiftly and efficiently. Cut a decisive blow in your favour, get angy at yourself and fight a glorious battle with your own deamons.

Only then may you be able to face the world. Only then will you be true to your self. Forget everything that does not directly affect your universe. Work out just what you need and then keep to that, no delusions of granduer here. keep it simple, keep it neat, do not under any circumstance try to figure out the chaos.


Be careful what you say, because i can see right through you on a cloudy day.

Poe, Not a virgin


The world at large is in chaos, I cannot control it, it does not make sense. To try to impose your will on the "real" world is a waste of your enegry. You must make a home for yourself in the chaos and reside in the middle of it all. However your home does not need to be chaotic. It can be a place of tranquility and peace. It can be all you need to be okay in the chaos, things that happen in your house, you can control you can be a master of. Be happy with that much and do not want for any more. Keep your house in oder and you may face any foe, take any shit thrown your way, kill any unrighteous fucker who crosses your path, the issues of pride and importance, are not for you to worry about.

You are not a part of this chaotic world, you are in it, but not of it. It will not sweep you along for you have your house, your mandala where you are free.



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