I'm finding myself summing up the experiences I have had again. I'm looking at the things i have been taught and I am asking myself, so what? What does this all amount to?

I am overwhelmed by thoughts that all this spiritual journey stuff is just about knowing yourself and being able to live a non-dualistic life. It's not actually about promises of power and magic and other lives beyond death, rather it's about the small things about accepting your place in the world, and admitting to yourself that you will die.

Philosophy/religion seems more and more to me to just be a humble way of living a life, a life without fear or hatred, and a life with plenty of love. It could be argued that most people will never do this, but I think that it is equally plausable that through peoples delusions and fears they are managing a humble life anyway.

Maybe i'm not easily impressed, but I have seen nothing on my journey so far that has been unbelievable and "out there". Maybe I expected too much of the process, but my fantasies are fading of what might be.

Instead they are being replaced with ideas of things being more normal than can be described. Maybe this is another of those cycles of life, normality leading to wonder, leading to experience, leading to normality.


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