One thing i have struggled with on my path to enlightenment, is the need to not feel. It is a primary benefit of losing the ego; you will not fear or feel, any feelings that you show from this point in are controlled folly, they are to allow others to relate with you only. you of course are beyond that particular need.

I find myself thinking; why has this one facet of human existance been picked on? For those who see the enlightenment trip as a lesson in how to grow up, and stop behaving like a child it makes sense.

However the mind processes many more things than just emotions. Why is the road to enlightenment not about stoping one from seeing, hearing, sensing the world. These are all teathers to one reality. If stopping the brain from chattering away is a step along the path, why is stopping the brain from picturing this reality as we do not another step.

Maybe it is and i have just overlooked it, meditation is about removing all of these things, starting with calming the chattering in the brain, and continuing with removal of senses from the world until you are left with consciousness alone!


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