The Game

Do you remember those games you played as a kid, in the playground with your friends. Do you remember the one where you had a Mummy, Daddy, Son, Daughter, a baby, even a family dog being acted out as roles by the kids.

Well guess what, you're still playing!

People in todays society are playing at one big game, they are playing the game of life all the time, every minute of the day you are part of global RPG, however you do not know it!

The game is as intricate as the ocean is deep and roles that you play can shift hypocritically because you are not consistent in your game.

If you knew the rules you would be a good player and do well in life, and be more consistent. You don't though, so you take refuge in the saying "you win some, you lose some" and continue to be a hypocryte. The game can be won through losing too, if you think you are a born loser, then you probably are a winner at your particular branch of the game, and as much as you hate it, and as much as it doesn't fit with everyone elses game, you love it secretly and you need it.

As you proceed through life you learn new rules, and slowly pick up the techniques that others have been using. Regardless of how many rules you know though, you still are unaware of the truth.

Why don't know you about the game? because you have been conditioned to believe that it is reality. You are running a program in your brain like a robot, you are unable to know this because you have never stopped the program. It is unlikely you will believe what i am telling you unless you experience not running the program for yourself. Unfotunately you will not experience this unless you are already looking for the missing meaning in life.

I found out about the game, and when i did i realised that i knew all along, but i did not have the tag to assign to what i was experiencing. When i found it I knew that it was real, my experience confirmed it for me. I had been a fool for most of my life. I had been told by people, most notably by Preacher/Bubba Joe, but I was blinded by the game.

Maybe i found out because i wasn't very good at playing the game, or maybe i found out because i was too good at playing the game. Whatever the case, stopping the game completely is my goal.

In this world, there is life, death, and the game, everything we experience within the game is not life.


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