Visual Artifacts


Ok, this is weird. I've started seeing weird stuff in the periphery of my vision. I keep getting the impression that things I am not focussing on are moving by themselves, seemingly solid objects that cannot move; are wobbling and moving like waves. When I focus on them they stop, but as long as I don't look directly at them they are moving about and taunting me.

Some dissapear only to reappear when I stare at them, and others flash past me to fast to catch a proper look at.

Are my eyes knackered? Do i need glasses? Maybe my retinas are becomming detached!

It's like i'm on hallucagenic drugs or something. I have been tired lately and been drinking too much caffine, maybe it's something to do with that.

Carlos seems to say something relevent:

Something out there is affecting our senses. This is the part that is real. The unreal part is what our senses tell us is there. Take a mountain, for instance. Our senses tell us that it is an object. It has size, color, form. We even have categories of mountains, and they are downright accurate. Nothing wrong with that; the flaw is simply that it has never occurred to us that our senses play only a superficial role. Our senses perceive the way they do because a specific feature of our awareness forces them to do so.

Is this what is happening?


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