What are dreams?

Childrens drawings always have a dream like quality

"Dreaming is a man's only defense against a world he never made."

John Steinbeck

I keep having this idea that dreams are something more, something like another life, many other lives all rolled up into a nights sleep. Each life is as introcate and detailed as this life.

When I almost die in a dream, I wake up. It is said that if you were to actually die in your dreams you die in real life. So could it be that when we die in real life we wake into another life; keeping only a vague memory of the dream that was the life before. Could we actually be dieing every night, and waking to another dream in the morning?

In dreams; i've heard that you can achieve anything as long as you know it is a dream. Once you are awake in a dream you are in control. It seems to me that In life we need to wake, to take control, to realise life could be a dream and we can achieve anything.

Fate may be your subconcious at work, letting you know that anything is achieveable in this life. Become concious and take control.

Eternal Return could be real, just not in the same way that Nietzsche thought.

Control seems to be the key, find Control and dreams become reality. But that's the real trick isn't it!


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