Youth Worship


I finally understand why TV and the advertising industry in general target the young with their adverts and rules and bullshit. I thought like many do for a long time that it was all to do with youth worship. I thought that it was the media trying to say that old is bad and you must stay young to mean anything in this life.

I was wrong, and so are those out there endlessly in pursuit of youth, it's understandable why you would come to that conclusion. It is a happy coincidence that it masks the real reason.

The young are weak, they are not yet experienced enough to know that all the product tags, brand names, fashion icons, luxury items, are completely meaningless. The advertising companies prey on the youngs need to fit in with their friends, to fit in with society, to keep up appearances that they are instructed to by the media. Buy the latest England football shirt, get a watch that defines who you are, wear Calvin klien aftershave, drive a new car.

This comes back to the capitalist way of life and making a fast buck off the stupid. The young are stupid, the young don't know any better. This is why TV targets them, the adults see the folly of it all, they understand that it really doesn't matter what flavour of fizzy drink you buy, how old the kitchen you own is, whether you shop for your clothes in Asda or Gap. That is why they are not targetted, because they know better.

As a direct result of the missunderstanding that the media brings, the number of adults in this world is dropping fast.


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