Final Wish

It is my final wish to burried in a traditional ancient English way, under a mound of earth and on top of a hill with a great view, possibly within a stone sacophogus. No cremation is to be performed, nor burial in a cemetary with the thousands of other people. I wil endevour to arrange payment for this unsual burial.

I would like very much for the soil to be well drained and of a neutral ph so it will preserve my bones for as long as possible.

I don't want a head stone or any inscriptions above ground but would like to be buried with my precious objects for the next life like the tradition states. However instead of spears, swords, cooking pots and crockery, I would like to be buried with my mobile phone, computer containing a copy of this website and my life history in photos, favorite clothes, and my music collection, maybe a meal for me to eat when I wake on the other side!

I would also like either a file on the computer, or a metal plaque (maybe both) which will inform any future archiologists who I was, what I tried to achieve in my life and details of how I died.





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