The God Process


In How to know GOD—the Soul's Journey into the Mystery of Mysteries; by Deepak Chopra, he writes:

“God, it turns out, isn't a person; God is a process. Your brain is hardwired to find God. Until you do you will not know who you are.“


I feel the word God needs re-invigerating. It has no meaning anymore, and is used for so many different things that it has lost all relevence and cohesion.

It's like something that everyone knows and yet doesn't know at all. Far to much time has been spent trying to clarify the meaning of God and give everyone the same understanding.

Let it fall then.

Change it to something else, something that currently has no meaning and no metaphor, a word that is not even a word. Then when you define it you may only be giving people an understanding of something new.


T6yr4 came up while hiting random keys on my keyboard. As far as I know it really doesn't mean anything and can't even be pronounced, It doesn't exist in a dictionary and a google search revealed nothing. So maybe its a fitting name for a God that cannot be known and does not follow the rules of our world.

There it is then, my new God; T6yr4, ruler of a new unitheistic religion.



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