The Land Of Do As You Please

V seems to have a deep philosophical background to it, there are so many clues in the film that tantalise and tease that I am in awe of it. The film also invloves the Quran/Koran as an artifact and maybe as something like a back story or as the plot structure, i'm not sure what it means but I certainly intend to find out. I have been looking for a way into the Quran and this is it, I am now strongly motivated to find out what the Muslim faith is about.

The film is a really good outsiders study of what it means to be British, hats off to the Wachowski's for their research into the past and into the future of our little old island.

V also has a great personal awakaning side to it, which is something i'm more interested in than the obvious political Iraq metaphors in it and the idea of bird flu being a manufactured virus.

It shows the transition of a sheltered and worried life into a real one free of fear and greif, it shows people that they have the right to stand up to say NO to all the shit going on around them. Its very much a teacher/student kind of film and shows how good people with the best intentions can become bad and vice versa.

The casting of John Hurt as the high chancelor was woven into the philosophical background of the story as he is metaphorically still playing Winston from 1984. The film shows that after he was beaten by the system and suffered in room 101 he became the system and went on to be the next big brother. Evey also has her own transition through the anti room 101 with the equally opposite result and she becomes free of the system.

The whole fear/grief/awakening/facing death thing is definately part of the Quran as I have now started reading it, and i'm looking forward to finding out what else relates; the Scarlet Carson rose, The Salt Flats Film. These are things that don't exist and are clues but i'm not sure to what.

I have recently watched the film V for Vendetta and was blown away by it.


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