Missing Part

Been pondering over why the Quran states that the Christian and Jewish faiths do not have the whole picture.

Jesus is the representative of all that is good, and this is the light part of the the ying/yang circle, but it is not the whole picture, because while he may oppose evil he is denying it, and that is not the middle way.

Instead the evil part must be accepted wholely and must be merged with to form the godlike whole. So if certain faiths are missing the evil side of the whole then it certainly seems that they are missing something. As for whether this is what the Quran refers to, i'm not yet sure as i've not gotten far enough through the book.

Read me your scripture and read me your scripture, read me your scripture and i'll twist it.
Show me your wrist and i, show me your wrist and show me your wrist and i'll kiss, kiss it.
oh, oh oh, oh oh like a cain and abel.

21st century

I am wondering if it is to do with the middle way.


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