I don't mean what the matrix was for Neo in the film, i mean what the matrix is for me, in this world, my Matrix.

I have had a realisation, the philosophy of the the Matrix film is the the Philosophy of yoga and/or Carlos Casteneda. A realisation doesn't cut it really, this is a change from a thought to a belief.

This world, the one in which you are awake, is the matrix.

The Real world, the one we are not aware of is the world we experience, and convieniently forget, when we are asleep.

Waking in your sleep is waking in the Real World. To wake in the real world allows you to realise the falicy of the matrix and to control it.

Meditation is the key to transcending the barrier of sleep, seeing/not doing/storing power are the keys to controlling events in this world. The struggle now is to stay on the right path, and not get carried away with sense pleasures!

Like in the Matrix film, stories of ghosts, alien abductions, out of body experiences, waking dreams, and past lives, are all clues. Clues which we dismiss because everyone around us mocks them and ignores what the sum of the parts adds up to.

Is our Real world policed as the Matrix film world is, do we have people posessed by agents intent on our distruction? I have not yet woken up, so i cannot say if there is anyone after me. Certainly it puts a new light on the dreams where you are almost killed but wake in this world, they are the "anti agents" that keep you from realising that other world can be as real as this.

Remember; it's not about what you've been told, or what your reason or logic leads you think, its a matter of belief and experience to back it up. what's my experience? My experience is the quieting down of my ego and the resultant benefits that it brings, along with my storage of power, my meditation, drug taking, and seeing.


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