I was wrong...

My view of what the real world was is not correct, or not as correct as it could have been.


The real world does not exist in my dreams, for that is another world. The real world exists here and now but we do not see it. We are hypnotised into seeing a world that is not real, yet we think it is. A hypnotic world full of hypnotised test subjects...

I believe further that hypnosis as we know it on the stage and on tv only works because we are already trapped in a hypnotic state that we are not aware of. The real world exists outside of this hypnosis.

The Desert of the real in the Matrix is a good metaphor for how the world really exists outside of our hypnosis. In the film; the desert is divoid of life, and is polpulated by robots who keep real people trapped in fuel cells; small bubbles that contain their lives. The cities that humans built are ruined, there is no sunlight, everything they knew is gone.

In my real world everything remains as you know it, people live freely, yet everyone is trapped. The cities exist and yet they stand as ruins. Free people are trapped by the hypnosis of their world.

To see outside of this hypnosis is to observe the things with new eyes, the things you used to know and care about are nothing, the buildings are ruins, the people are trapped in bubbles, there is no sunlight.



As for my dreams...

Dreams are a polar opposite to waking life. The trick it seems is to bring the two together. The desert of the real is what you discover when you stop the world, and there something else begins. The desert is not deserted, it's just not populated as yet. Dreams are populated, but the things of dreams cannot at the moment be anything more.

They're coming, I can feel them, the cold shiver of the universe is a reminder for me that I am not alone in the desert.


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