Personal Freedom and Responsibility



What is beyond the Capitalist Democracy, what is beyond the Socialist Communism?

It is Personal Freedom and Responsibility.

Everyone has a right to be as they want and do as they please, everyone can be their own god, government, policeman, judge, and jury. All can be equal and this is where we need to go next, this has to be the furture.

Individual responsibility, order without leadership, anarchy without violence, freedom without slavery. No one will tell you what to do, everyone will work for themselves, differences between people will be as borders between countries, contracts will be as international agreements. Responsibility will be the guiding light in the world and religion will become part of a set of basic rules by which to live.

Old ideas of work will continue, things will still get done, but through cooperations between countries and collectives, not organisations and businesses. Collectives will form to drive progress and culture, to manage poverty and wealth, and this will happen at an individual level.

Money will be removed from the equation of business and people will instead work directly for the things they want and need to live.

There will be no infighting in the future, a base religion will be formed from all of the common parts of todays world religions, the human aspect, the greed, the jealousy, the need to be right, and the will to power, will be removed to leave a unified humane manifesto, a consitution for the world. A utopian dream will live in every mind and will be our guide into the next century.

Those who commit, for want of a better word, sin will be dealt with not by a grand high court and law of the land, but by their nearest neighbour. If they are incorrect in their punishment, then they in turn will be judged so the impotus to cheat and to swindle will be removed.

Unions will be forbidden as they will begin to wield power for their own agendas, but relationships will not be outlawed and so long as no harm is done; marriages between as many men and women, men and men, women and women, or any other possibility will be allowed.

Of course technology will be used to great effect to support the society, and will allow for direct representation where every individual has a vote on every contract negotiation. Technology will also play a part in maintaining the peace as contract violations must be enforced and not everyone will want to do that themselves.

To prevent fraudulent use, the technology will log every action and make it available for all to see. Contracts will be exchanged and kept, and a somethning like a PDB will be available to every person.


To be yourself is all that you can do.

Be Yourself,



One man can be a country.


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