The Religious Cycles

I wonder if religions work in cycles like many other things in life, I wonder if they come and go as they are required. For example, the Old Testament Chistian Bible and the Quran as well seem to be an ancient attempt to stop evil people from taking over and destroying the world of men.

Other religions are of course older and very different in make up for the region they came from but I think they all serve the same purpose; to defeat a current and present threat.

For a while (1000 years?) it proved enough to keep people in check with 10 rules backed up by threats of wrath from an almighty god and stories of many people being killed by him just because they were bad.

However people seemed to grow tired of the threats and evil spread again amongst the masses, something new was required, the New Testament Christian teachings seem to have come about to address this, Jesus and Co. spread the word of love and stopped the rot.

So now it's 2000 years on and the church is sidelined and ignored by most. People again are going over to evil, maybe because of the absence of any current guidelines.

So will a new religion spring up and take over from all those that have gone before? Maybe it will be the first truely global religion, and may be on the internet, it will address all of the modern day issues our people face, you just know those traditional religions really don't apply to our world today and seem to most to be relics of some bygone time.



If the world is in balance and cycles of rise and decay are happening all around then it could be that we are actually entering 1000 years, or so, of evil now? What could be offered as a way of brainwashing/convincing the masses that they should be good?

Eternal damnation is old hat, living in heaven is just so boring, the afterlife is not believable, having a garden beneath which a river flows is just no longer an ambition, coming back as a lower creature isn't much of a threat, nor is going round and round many lives. There's got to be something out there that people will desire in this day and age, maybe being a god yourself?!? and the catch is that being a god comes with responsibility ;0)


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