I was watching a Ray Mears survival program the other day and he featured a tribe of bushcrafting indians in the Amazon or somewhere. There was a portion of the show where these poeple rolled out their Shaman and blew drugs up their noses so they became out of it. Soon they began to dance and sing and take copious amounts more of the powdered drug from a helper and his long pipe. The witch doctor types then tried to cast the evil out of a small child that was unwell, and as they did this a thought struck me.

How is it that native people who are untouched by our modern cultures always have such a connection with spirits and and the forces of nature?

Is it really that they are dumb uneducated people and that is the best that they can come up with for describing the world and its behaviour, or is there soemthing more to it! It seems plain to me that in our own past we would have been like these tribes, we would have had our own Seers and practiced drug taking as a religious experience rather than recreational activity. So somehow Science has gotten in the way, or has shown us the light and we have forgotten the point of these basic rituals.

despite these tribes use of Science in their world; to start fires, make weapons, and as was shown in the program to make poisons to catch fish en masse, it hasn't taken over as the primary explanation for the world in which they live. It is still very much a land of gods, demons and spirits in the fore, and this is something that our world is devoid of.

So in a world free of gods, what does the future hold for us? surely we are doing ourselves an injury by missing out on this part of life. Surely we are only a half people, with only a half knowledge


In a world free of gods, what does the future hold?


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