Saintly behaviour


I have been troubled for a while on the subject how how to behave around people, and especially loved ones. The general theory seems to be for the enlightened to be a saint around people and even with those closest to you.

This can't be right, it feels so un-enlightened, so selfish. A saintly way of behaving is fine amongst other saints, but among the living it will only bring you trouble. For your loved one, it will only alienate and destroy any reciprocating love.

Those who do not understand why you act the way you do will turn on you. The whole idea of leaving your loved one to their own devices cannot be the way, the saviour of one is not gods way.

So how does one act in the world, given the knowledge that you carry?

I can only arrive at one conclusion, that is that you must be seen to act as everyone else, you must behave like them, you must not stick out like a sore thumb. Therefore you must get angry, you must lash out, you must make selfish demands, and you must control others. But, you must know that what you are doing is camoflage, you must control it and remember it as folly and not an ideal way to live.

It seems that one must know the dark side to understand the light.

Self control is the key, don't go to far, don't lose it, don't get caught up and forget what you have been taught. But is this enough, can it be done. Perhaps this is why no religion, no philosophy says this, perhaps it has been tried and every attempt was a failure.

I can't help feeling that these philosophies, and religions are not taking into account the other parties, the loved ones, the dependant ones, the un-enlighted ones that must be lived with, the rest of the world that faces one. I am not alone in this world, and i am not living with people who understand or act the way i have been taught to. So i cannot act this way, I have tried for more than a year now and what happened, i endangered my relationship with Ali, I lose friends, and I get made redundant.

Stealth has to be the way, know one thing say another. Act one way, know that it is folly and means nothing.



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