One of the central ideas in V is that of torture, Evey is tortured to the point where she no longer has any fear of death. This is presented as a tutorial for all free men, but I really struggle with the idea.

Carlos has implanted in me the idea of leaving people to their own devices, if they are unaware and bound, leave them that way. The fact that you have escaped is meningless to your potential teacher status. In contrast the bodhishatva from Buddhism who is one who remains on this earth to help people out of their slavery. Maybe this is where the story is coming from.

Anyway I struggle to find V's actions on Evey justifiable, and do not think I could use them on anyone. Yet, it is a very practical, if expensive, way of waking someone up when common sense, religion, and philosophy fail.

I struggle to find V's actions on Evey justifiable.


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