V's message

Upon reflection I think it's more to do with a universal belief system that says you will have something happen to you at some point in your life that will make you think differently about all that has gone before you. It may be something terrible and horrifying, it may be painful and you may almost die, but it will take a shock of this magnitude to shake your off your high fucking branch.

Following this expereince you will will make a choice to ignore what you have seen or to stand on your own and fight injustice, hypocrasy, selfishness and evil.

No single religion can help you because they all are written with control in mind, to control the stupid and lame by weilding the hand of god to build an army. If you study all religions though, and note the commonality between them then you will see what is right, and that which is unjust and merely a childs game.

Now you are in a unique position to act. When you act, you will be decisive, swift, and just, and it may lead to your death, but that is the way of things.

In V For Vendetta this happens five times, first with V, Finch, and Dietrich, then Valerie, and finally Evey.

Could it be argued that the film can actually be renamed 5 For a Blood Feud? Certainly the actions of the five lead to the rest of the country waking up.

I'm beginning to feel that V's message is nothing to do with the Quran at all and is actually anti religion.


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