Vendetta Clues




I have been reading the V comic in an attempt to better understand the film. While it is mostly similar to the film the comic does not mention the Quran at all, so it seems that the story in both cases has some other base philosophy behind it.

In the comic there are other references that do not appear in the film however. Enid Blyton's The Magic Faraway Tree is the source of the Land Of Do As You Please reference and there is another in the comic: The Land Of Take What You Want. These are both used as philosophical views of the world today.

The other reference is for another book:
Arthur koestler's The Roots Of Coincidence. It seems that Athur was a real author and wrote many books including the Ghost In The Machine which became a Manga series and also it seems that his influence extended to many 80's figures including Sting and the Poilce who were heavily influenced by his work and had an lbum of the same name. Apparently his novel Darkness at Noon ranks alongside 1984, i'll have to get it...




I got a copy of the book and found no referential material in it. I can only conclude that the names of the lands are just suitable to the political motivations of V For Vendetta.

The Magic Faraway Tree


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