Bedside Death


My friends mum died the other week, and he wasn't there.

He was away on business in Dubai, but his brother was with her, and while this is a very sad time for both of them, their father, and the family, they both seem to be handling it remarkably well.

I think they all had a very good relationship with eachother and this enabled them to come to terms with their situation and except it before the final day. When that last event happened I would like to think that she made sure all of the eyes were dotted and all of the tee's crossed on her life. Only then did she give herself up. Because of this, her passing was easier for all concerned.

I remember being told that she had made a list of all the things she wanted to do before she died. I sincerely hope she achieved them all.

I hope when I die I go with as much courage and love as she did.

Goodbye Mrs Galloway and good luck.



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