I have just found out that confusion is a very negative state.

I was always under the impression that confusion was good thing, preventing one from making the wrong move. However from reading the Bhagavad Gita I have learnt that confusion is tantamount to sin.

Confusion it seems resides in ignorance and laziness. If you find yourself confused you are stuck and do not know what action, if any, to make. This is a bad situation and one that will take your power from you. To proceed and remove the ignorance, you must act either by learning about the subject that confuses you, or by acting in a way that resolves the confusion.

One must not under any circumstance sit and fester, this will only cause you grief and like laziness and ignorance, one will find themselves not moving toward god, but moving away.

The opposite of ingorance is knowledge, and the opposite of laziness is action, where exactly does confusion sit? I think it resides in a position between the two, it is a barrier to action and knowledge and must be removed at any cost.



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