Death could deliver something to those close to the departed.


It has been put to me that the human condition comes in two parts, one is the physical self, the other is the spirit/soul. The universe also comes in two parts; one physical, one spiritual. When the physical self dies it becomes part of the physical world once again, the spirit on the other hand goes to join the universes collective unconscious.

That is pretty much the end of the story as I was told it and I don't know if I believe it, but I have had a think about this, and the experience I have had of death leads me to a thought.

My Grandfather was always fun loving, and pretty much a big kid, I feel that since his death I have become more fun loving and adventurous. 

My Pop and I

My Uncle was a cheeky market trader type, always living off his luck and always willing to gamble, I feel that since his death I have become more lucky, and maybe deceitful. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of my Uncle.



The Theory

When somebody dies, is it possible that their spirit, in part, is assimilated into other people. The reason I say this is because I have been affected by the deaths of my close relatives. In both cases they were very distinctive characters. As a result of their deaths I feel my life has been enriched, as if part of their spirit has become part of mine.

So at their time of passing, could part of their spirit join with those that were close to them when they were alive, or maybe those receptive to this sort of thing and looking for it? People could actually act as magnets for the spirits of others, this then enables that person to grow and change.

I guess it may not be just the good aspects of people that could join with others. I mentioned the deceitfulness that I have gained, this is generally seen as not a good trait to have, but there you go!



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