Fuck Society 


We have to rebel against this child like society in which we live. We must stop behaving like adolesents and grow the fuck up.

I can't stand it anymore, the quest for ever lasting youth, the denial of responisbility that reaches our highest government positions. Everyone is a fucking 10 year old; blaming others, stabbing people in the back, throwing the rattle out of their pram. We have got to realise that it is getting us nowhere for fucks sake.

I want to be with adults, I want to find people outside of the game of life, people who I can relate to, people who are not infantile and dependant.

People who are independant and honest, people who have respect for their fellow man and understand what life is all about.

Fuck this society, fuck this stupid world.

Where is the world outside of the world? Where is the desert? Where is the looking glass?

Who are the people inhabiting "that" place, and how can I find them?


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