What is important to me in this life?

What things do I seek?



I want knowledge, wealth, a future, the truth!

Is there room for love?

Where would love fit?

Is love an item to be inserted in a list of accomplishments?

maybe love is all of these things, It spans them and sits as a layer above.

If you have a good spread of these items, maybe you have a chance at finding love.



One could spend too long pursuing an interest that fufills an item in the list in the hope that it will lead to love. Even just a little of each item in ones life could give rise to the conditions where love can be sought.

Is the point of life to find love?

It is a noble quest and one that must be achieved quickly; as time passes with increasing speed.


Love; constrained is not a true love, love constrained is compromise. Love sets one free, but how can one love when constraint is sought in a partnership? Can love really ever be shared when one wants to grab hold of love and stop it from escaping, is it doomed to be locked away in our hearts and in our heads.

As a personal fantasy, love is easy to achieve, people can fall in love with an idea or a concept, a vision or an object. To fall in love with another whom is also in love with their own ideas, concepts, visions, and objects, must be a rare thing indeed. For a couple to fall in love, surely the must be in love with the same things internally. This does not mean the the two are identical in personality and likes/dislikes, for the two will then clash horribly. Opposites attract.


I feel I understand love a little, so why is the burn in me, not as great as it is in some others, to find love?

Why am I lazy in searching for it, what is it in me that is stopping this?

The burn has to overcome the hardship of change from a comfortable cell. I have to want to love to be able to find it. Will I just wake one day and want to love? will I suddenly feel the overwhelming need to find love?

It may well happen, but by then it may well be too late for me to do anything about it.



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