Love & Hate

Does true love equal true hate?


Must we hate our partners and let them commit the worst attrocities too afford them true love? Is this an underlying key to freedom, to life itself?

Society will tell us differently, but then is society equally divided in this fashion. To be in balance surely it must be, although it feels like the balance is tipping.

Do balanced partnerships split because one partner is not prepared to play their role, doesn't know how to play the role, or doesn't even recognise roles?

Can balance exist with two equally alike partners or must it exist only in exact opposites? should a partnership aim to resolve differences and become more alike?

Everything I have been taught by society tells me that I need to have control in a relationship, I must take the reigns and hold the other person in bondage and that person must not be allowed free will, must not answer back, must know their place in the dirt, must obey, for it is me that must be obeyed.

It is a power struggle, to be the more powerful. In power lies salvation, Obidience is weakness, it is the worst facet of being human, it is actually inhumane and animal.


I am mad.


This isn't right.

My upbringing was a lie.

Balance must exist in oposites, two like kinds are not in balance. Unfortunately the more one goes toward good the more the other must go toward evil in response. Only a saint can live with a devil. To go towards good means to become subservient, and it is not a bad thing it is necessary and brings strength and a power of its own.

It is not easy however. Society will reject you, your partner will reject you, but you cannot reject yourself.

Remeber this rule only follows for the relationship with your loved one, anyone else you meet does not need to have this same relationship with you.

Regardless of which way the relationship lies, i.e. man good woman bad, woman bad man good, must one partner be angelic and the other demonic?


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