As if i needed any more evidence that the modern Christian bible is a work of fiction, and should not be read, I have just found out that the mark of the devil, the famed number of the beast is not actually 666.

It seems that 666 is a mistranslation and the actual number of the beast is 616; hexakosiai deka hex.

An ancient papyrus has been found recently that is purported to be the oldest copy of the book of Revelation, it has the Hebrew text on it which defines this number of the beast as 616. So all those events in history that have been attributed to the number 666 as a date, and all those people born under its sign, and all those names that have number for letter substitutions, are all totally innocent.

Just goes to show how superstisious we stupid humans are, how attached we can get to numerology, and how focusing of the negative can actually bring about it's realisation.





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