7/7 Ripple Effect


I have just watched the 7/7 Ripple effect internet film, and found it was very poor investigative journalism. It builds upon its american predecessors such as Loose Change and Zeitgeist without giving reference to them. In places it makes direct links to prior films and goes off on a tangent as if to pay homage to the earlier internet film makers. This is only apparent to the viewer if you have previously seen the other films. However, despite this films failings it does seem that there is something fishy, no immoral, going on around 7/7/05 and it's again raised my interest, in one point particularly.

7/7 Ripple effect makes an extraordinary claim, that of the Broadcasting Act containing clauses for the government to use the BBC TV channels for their own purposes, to get the BBC to put out what they are told, or for the BBC to be organized by the government.

I found the following which I believe relates to the broadcasting licence holder.

Broadcasting Act 1990

Government control over licensed services .(1)
If it appears to him to be necessary or expedient to do so in connection with his functions as such, the Secretary of State or any other Minister of the Crown may at any time by notice require the Commission to direct the holders of any licences specified in the notice to publish in their licensed services, at such times as may be specified in the notice, such announcement as is so specified, with or without visual images of any picture, scene or object mentioned in the announcement; and it shall be the duty of the Commission to comply with the notice. .
Where the holder of a licence publishes any announcement in pursuance of a direction under subsection (1), he may announce that he is doing so in pursuance of such a direction. .
The Secretary of State may at any time by notice require the Commission to direct the holders of any licences specified in the notice to refrain from including in the programmes included in their licensed services any matter or classes of matter specified in the notice; and it shall be the duty of the Commission to comply with the notice. .
Where the Commission— .
have given the holder of any licence a direction in accordance with a notice under subsection (3), or .
in consequence of the revocation by the Secretary of State of such a notice, have revoked such a direction, .
or where such a notice has expired, the holder of the licence in question may publish in the licensed service an announcement of the giving or revocation of the direction or of the expiration of the notice, as the case may be.
The powers conferred by this section are in addition to any power specifically conferred on the Secretary of State by any other provision of this Act. .
In relation to any licensed service provided from a place in Northern Ireland, the reference in subsection (1) to a Minister of the Crown includes a reference to the head of any Northern Ireland department.

Is The Conspiracy Files programme the BBC's served notice from the government? Is this compliance by the commission under section 10 of the 1990 broadcast act? (my own little conspiracy)

The BBC programme is just as bad, if not worse than Ripple Effect! they claim that the bus bomber Haseeb Hussain dropped his driving licence nearby the bus before he was blown up, so that he would definitely be identified as the bomber, I guess to give him kudos. They report; "according to court testimony, forensics suggest its likely that the drivers licence wasn't on the bombers body when the bomb went off, like other documents recovered from the wreckage naming the bombers the licence was relatively undamaged, the pattern suggests that the bombers dropped them nearby to ensure they would be identified"

How the hell could a man traveling on a bus to Tavisock sqaure put his licence in the park before he blew himself up on the bus in which he was traveling to the square in? Is this time travel madness by the BBC?

7/7 Ripple effect was rubbish, but it has caused enough of a ripple itself that the BBC has produced a rebuttal to it! Broadcast on the 30/06/09; why does the BBC feel the need to rebuke a really poor Loose Change/Zeitgeist clone for the UK?
What is this programme for? with comments like "at 8:50 the world changed" being used in the opening WTF is going on in this show, it's like the BBC are having a go at doing something very similar!

The BBC think that 7/7 Ripple effect is a call to arms for Muslims??? it's not about Muslims, that's just the BBC's slant, it's really all about Britains. I did not detect any Muslim provocation in it, although the narrator does appear to be a Muslim. The whole "sleeper must awaken" and Paul Mua'dib scene from Dune is just a metaphor for the spiritual path of enlightenment, and not a provocation of Muslims to rise up against their oppressors, it is a message to us all to stop being trusting and gullible, or maybe its just telling the Fremen out there to rise up against the Harkonnen!

More rhetoric from the Programme: "Although the tragic events are still fresh in many peoples minds, this hasn't stopped some conspiracy theorists in their aggressive and ugly pursuit of what they think is the truth."

Aggressive and ugly ??? What's the BBC doing here, telling us all to stop thinking about the truth because some people died and it might hurt some others to be reminded of it? Not thinking about it is hurting a lot more people in my opinion. Questions must be asked, and it's fine for answers to be found that do not correlate with a conspiracy, that should not stop the original question! The BBC has now proved some of the things that Mua'dib said to be incorrect, that's a good thing, it allows us to move on from some of the technicallities. It is not a reason to stop asking.

A child on the programme is interviewed after viewing 7/7 ripple effect, he asks the BBC, if the independent people who made that film can do so quickly and believably with few resources, why can't the government do the same to make us believe otherwise? Well, taa daa! there it is, BBC's conspiracy Files; slicker and sicker, and backed by the government.

In conclusion then, 7/7 Ripple Effect is bad journalism by a independent beginner. Conspiracy Files however is a terribly provocative hate filled and brain washing piece, filled with journalistic rhetoric by the, apparently legal, government controlled BBC.

It goes further than it's remit to debunk the conspiracy and becomes an open attack on this guy Nicholas Kollerstrom for being a free thinking individual, and a witch hunt on John Hill in a bizarre extension of any agenda the programme originally had. I wonder how many of the new anti-terror laws were abused to track him down through the internet and lock him up for exercising free speach? People have got to grow up stop considering homemade internet videos and web pages as Published material in the traditional sense, it's just someone's opinion in a different medium.

The final statement in the Programme by Brian Paddick is a classic, and a call to arms itself for the police, security services, and the government, he says every attempt should be made by the establishment to try and counteract Conspiracy theories. When I heard these words, I expereienced a different message from Brian; We must stop all free thought and speech, quickly and before it gets out of hand.

Now, where did I put the new edition 10 of the dictionary...











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