There was a time where people were proud of their country and what it stood for, they would be prepared to die to defend it tooth and nail. To be fair that time probably still exists, but only in the minds of the stupid these days.

I find that living in the UK today I am ashamed of my country, it is full of corrupt business, it's badly run by government, and in need of some serious patching up. This is all spun away under the banner of Democracy, which is just a mind game, so from the outside it looks like a good investment.

So given this view; loyalists will say I should get out, but can I get out? Is it possible for me to lose my English identity?

I consider myself a citizen of this world, I am not English, I'm Human, it's really that simple. No one has any right to tie me to a country or to an identity, I may have been born on one bit of land over here, but why does that mean anything, I came from the earth therefore the whole earth is my oyster.

Anyone that imposes rules on me to be responsible and to support my country is on the make, and is a fearful control hungry freak. There are a huge number of these people out there, bitter, paranoid, and twisted. They will prevent me from leaving if they can, remember the concepts of freedom? My freedom only exists in my head, my body is always in bondage.

At the moment I am not in mortal danger and my cage is quite comfortable, but if my country's policies and leadership change to become offensive to me, should I try to fight for what I believe is right? History tells me that this is a waste, is not possible, and the only thing to do is to get out, and start over.

I wonder if England ever came to rely on me, whether i'd feel some guilt and want to help out, probably!

But if an army draft got hold of my details I certainly would become a conscientious objector. I fight my fights, not someone else's.



What responsibility do people have to the country in which they live?


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