How to survive the apocalypse:

Get rich - Only the rich will be able to pay for goods in the end times. All common folk will quickly be out-priced. Either get into a highly paid job now, or save like crazy. Only problem with this is that paper money is not backed by anything other than a promise, so it will quickly become worthless no matter how much you have. Probably best to convert it to gold when things look like they are about to go tits up.

Stockpile - Whether you can afford the cost of end times or not, when money is useless this may be offset by holding valuable items such as gold, gold can always be used for trade, even after banks fail. However this will only be a transitionary period in the apocalypse. Ultimately the only way to stave off death will be to stockpile everything you need, so follow the Mormon's example, store dry food stuffs, medicines, sanitary products, fuel, water, and weapons. Hopefully this will all blow over soon.

Become self sufficient - When everything else fails, if you have gotten off the grid, you can to continue to live your life as it is now without the help of the state. Dig a well while you still have time, build a windmill, get solar panels, buy storage batteries, turn your garden over to vegetables, and plant fruit tress. One of the first things to fail in an apocalypse is electricity, one of the last things to fail is the greed of humanity! Protect what you have and barricade yourself and your family in your bio-home. Good luck.

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