The Best Ever


What if the times in which we live are the best they've ever been! What if we are wrong in thinking that things are getting worse? Can you accept that?

Here's an idea that might represent how we are who we are today.

Okay, so assuming the times are the best; we are paid more than our fathers, own more than any other time, and we work less than we have ever worked. However, we have throughout our childhoods been brought up for the first time on stories and lessons in books, TV, radio, and music, that point the way to somthing more, and also point out all the bad shit that is going on.

We have swallowed these moral ideas that have never existed before, or at least have never existed in such numbers that they have touched so many of us. These newly born memes are snippets of humanity that have been trying to get out for scores of years, and now they are out, they have set in the minds of those of us young enough to care, and as we look out on the world, that is in fact the best it has ever been, we shout "This is not good enough".

What is actually going on maybe is that the human race has reached a golden age of human improvement, and the neigh sayers among us are actually the catalysts for improvement beyond anything that has gone before. Those who seem negative to the majority are actually pushing positive humanitarian ideas that may have a chance, for the first time in human evolution, of sticking and becoming real.

Certainly the shit that goes on in the world is nothing new, and this has been happening for centuries, so putting a positive swing on those who denounce today's society; they are the leaders of a new civilised way of being. Utopian memes are growing in strength behind the scenes and silently influencing us to follow them.

Are you buying any of this?



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