I have seen that there is a strong societal pressure in a bizarre place that really shouldn't have one.

That pressure is exerted on individuals to look after their automobiles like they are shining godlike beings. I think I have only just noticed this as I come to try and sell my clapped out old Volvo.

Isn't it strange that while in most areas of life, knocks, bumps, and general tattiness are excepted and even respected in certain areas, however with peoples cars, they have to be prestine at all times, no marks, dents, or scrapes, can be tollerated. If they happen it seriously effects the owners mental health and can cause arguments, fights, and court cases.

Why do people worship their cars in this way? Why is it wrong to have a clapped out old rusty Volvo?

Cars seem to be a jewelery substitute, and the more expensive and shiny the better. But unlike jewelery there is a male bias on cars, women tend to be the ones who care less about their vehicles. However if you are a man, then your car can represent something bigger than yourself, it's a status symbol, it's a badge of honour, it's a mark of your quality, it's a weapon. All things to all men really does fit with cars and it doesn't make any sense.

I don't know if in the past horses had the same care and attention paid to them, but it certainly seems that the motorised carriage is loved like a favorite animal, it's given the best environment in which to sleep, the best shoes are bought for it. the reigns and saddle are upgraded to flashy lightweight ones, its internals are checked regularly for wear, and it is fed and watered with only the best. Generally loving care is paid to a transport device, it's not like it can even give anything back to you, nobody has a KITT, nobody can gain anything by loving ones car.

Only the adoration of friends and neighbours can be witnessed and maybe that's what this is all about, but I have a hunch that it runs deeper, something lies beneath that is lacking in everyday life but it's something like the love of a deity, perhaps the modern god of western science and civilisation is the automobile!

I've actually just witnessed a strange paradox about cars, I was almost run down in a car park recently, I had to jump out of the way of this guy carlessly using his vehicle as a weapon. I kicked the car as he went by in anger, and you should have seen how upset he got! How can you use a teasured item as a tool to inflict damage one minute and then switch to anger at the thought of the condition of it being tarnished in the next? People are idiotic sometimes, like women that use their pushchairs (including baby) to stop traffic, crazy mixed up hypocrites!



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