Chat Room Dangers Followup

So it seems that I have done a little good with my previous article on this subject, today I received an email from K as follows:

Subject: your page: chat room danger

hello there

this is just an email to say the biggest THANK YOU possible.

you may be wondering why, so I will tell you,

My name is K, and I am 15 years old. I recently went onto a chat room: UK Chatterbox (yes, you've heard of it) I was busy watching the teen conversation, and then decided to check my email on that site. I also had a message from blobby2, but I didnt know who he was at the time, so I replied to him, saying hi and all that.

What happened next is the reason why I am saying thank you,

He then somehow got my email address from somewhere and added me onto msn, and started to talk to me on there. I thought this was a bit weird, but decided to see where it would go. Anyway, I wish that I hadnt, because he started chatting me up and all those pervy things, so I blocked him and have now reported him to the police.

The policeman came round and took a statement from me, and told me not to worry as it is probably just someone from school who made a fake account and put a picture of their dad up there.

I then decided to do a bit of investigating, because I was convinced that this guy was for real, so I typed in his username into google, and came across your site.

Thank you so much for having that chat room danger page, because it now means that I can call the policeman in charge and show it to him, to show that it isnt one of my school friends playing a prank, but a proper paedophile.

I hope you are glad to hear that something is being done about him, and hope you can update the web page to say that he has done this to other girls, and that something is being done about him.

Thank you for reading this, I hope to hear from you








I can only hope that the Police give a damn, and put as much effort into this as they did recently with the theft from my wife's car. Laz.

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