Is Canford Bottom Roundabout a vehicle corral?


There is a nice publicised story that the new roundabout on the A31 road in Dorset was originally a grand plan for a flyover, but because of budget restraints it was flattened to the current hamburger plan. However the current plan at first glance looks to me like it has had a very different design genesis, and with it an implied use which is different than that publicised and nothing to do with budget.

Here is the plan for the roundabout:

If you notice the central section of the roundabout, we are told that this is a way of speeding up the traffic flow, however I cannot understand how this will help at all. It is clearly a bottle neck with one lane of traffic becoming two to increase the vehicles density before the roundabout, and then two lanes becoming one on the other side of the roundabout. Two lanes into one always causes a tailback, as is currently the case at the roundabout prior to Canford Bottom. Look again at the central area of the roundabout, what else does it look like?

A corral? A way of collecting a group of vehicles and isolating them, by my reckoning 20 cars in each direction.

So why would this be done? What purpose would there be behind isolating traffic?

I consider two things important in this case, firstly the fact that this route is a major thoroughfare for Dorset and will be a popular route to the Olympic site at Weymouth. Secondly the UK has an issue with the security of its borders, and the home Secretary Theresa Mays recent announcement for the improvement of border security through the use of a new border force similar to the TSA in America.

The Olympics:
Security for the Olympics in this country will be tough, there is no way this government will want a terrorist attack during the UKs hosting of the games. This roundabout has been paid for because of the Olympics so it follows that it will be used as part of the Olympics security plan. The government plans for the roundabout show that the roundabout will have 70 traffic lights, and this is far too many for a roundabout of this design, unless traffic will be re-routed around the central corral. The plans also reveal that CCTV will be installed to monitor the traffic passing through the roundabout. These two things suggest its use as a terrorist checkpoint for vehicles travelling on the A31. Border Force agents can use the wide central area and the surrounding areas to house buildings gates, and staff.

UK Border Force:
Like some crack team of special operations security agents "with their own ethos", I believe the newly created UK Border Force will be equivalent to the USAs TSA, and as in America we will follow suit with inland border controls. The USA has them now up to 100 miles from the coast and their TSA agents are empowered to stop vehicles to search them.

The idea here being greater than the Olympic plan and a checkpoint at Canford Bottom may remain far beyond the end of the Olympics, and yet will still be sold to us for the prevention of terrorism. In fact it will be just state oppression of the local and transitional populace. This is even more on-trend when you consider the impending war in Iran that is being spearheaded by the US and UK and Israel, and the subsequent terrorist fallout for a warmongering island nation.

Here is a photoshop of Canford Bottom roundabout in its new guise as a corral and checkpoint:

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