We've just been sold people.

The refinancing of the uk national banks has effectively used us, the populace, as collateral for a loan on the country, our government is effectively bankrupt and desperately trying schemes that are known to de-value the currency and fail to encourage the economy. It seems that a previously unknown global central bank has now taken control of the citizens of the UK, like it did the US before it.

Has this been an accident, was it unforseen, no, this was an attack. I feel that there has been a plot to build up credit, and then cut it off, thus leaving gullable national banks, businesses, and indiviuals exposed and ready for takeover.

I initially thought that China or Russia would mount such an attack but i'm not so sure now, it's more likely the higher eschalons of our own country in conjunction with our special friends in the states.

Default on the loan people, don't pay the taxes in perpetuity, stop having kids, quit work, and live off the state, it's the only way to regain our country from the corrupt. Gordon Brown is Big Brother incarnate, and he has expectedly promised that there will be no reduction in the chocolate ration for 2009!











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