Dorset Is In Drought ?!?


Following the TV news propoganda the other day that areas of the UK are in drought, Dorset was recently announced as beeing in drought too. Now I don't know about other areas of the country but I can attest that Dorset is not in drought and this is a scam on the part of the Environment Agency. This is the wettest part of the wettest country in Europe.

No data or statistics have been provided and we are being asked to trust what we are being told by organisations that are known to lie, now how can you ever trust a known lier?

Well I choose not to believe them, and my evidence is as follows...

The TV and paper news will have us believe that because they show pictures of unnamed rivers without much water in them, that our water supply is dwindling.

I know that most of the water in my area comes not from rivers, but from bore holes and aquifers. Here is a n exerpt from the Wessex Water website:

"80% of its supply from groundwater sources such as boreholes and the other 20% from rivers and its 12 surface reservoirs"

So how can the link be made between rivers and the available water supply?

Well it can't, and what is more, I took a trip to one of Dorset's major rivers; the Stour, and what do you think I found?

Was it a dry river bed?

Was it a barely flowing river?

Was there a lower than usual level of water in the river?

No, the river Stour at Sturminster Marshall is above the usual level as you can see for yourself:

So why are we hearing about droughts, when there are none?

I think it is a similar scam to that run by oil companies, who limit the supply to drive up the price and claim that it is because of "Peak Oil". Here we have Wessex Water charging more for their service each year and what are they claiming; it's the good old "climate change" hoax again.

What I believe is actually going on is that the water companies are not investing in the storage of the plentiful supply of water, are giving their profits to their shareholders and to their executives, and ripping off you and I.

The strange thing is, that people believe whatever they are told, and very few are prepared to actually look into the truth of the situation.











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