Douglas Adams

I am just in the middle of reading the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series, can you believe that I have never read this before, sure I saw some of the old BBC series but it wasn't very good. 
Nor does this one!
doesn't get any bigger than this!
So when I hear on the news, Douglas Adams has died, I think great, just as I was starting to like the guy! What did he die of, nobody knows, it was unexpected and fast, it would seem that his passing is like his work; odd.

I had almost made it to the end of the Hitchhikers series, of which; So long and Thanks for all the fish is the best one. 


Although I feel that it would not have been so good if I had not read all of the others. I am now struck with a dilemma, if one can be struck with such a thing! Do I read the last book, Mostly Harmless? Lots of dedicated fans have hated it and Doug did kind of finish the story with SLATFATF as the fans like it to be known. Hmmm.

Still, respect to the man that was: Douglas Adams.

PS: what was that "we apologise for the inconvenience" message? I don't get it


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